Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Journal - Day 15

Do you get visitors on Christmas day, or do you go visiting?

We usually have a lot of visitors through out the day, but this year will be a bit different.

DH's parents will come in the morning and that will be it this year.

BiL is going away somewhere hot for Christmas.

My Mum is now living down south and my Dad will be heading down there on the 23rd to spend Christmas with her and my sister, BiL and Niece, :( - but on the plus side - I will be heading down to Aldershot on the 27th and we will be having Christmas all over again with them all - yay!!!!!! :)

I still have a few pages to do before I've caught up, but will get them done at some point :).


Stacy said...

look at you go back in the swing

Sarah said...

Love your style! Really like your pages and cards... I shall be back!

LisaBabe said...

Lovely to see you back crafting again Lynne.

I'm more of a visitor than visited at Christmas, as I always go to Mum's for dinner.

Hope both your Christmas Days are great and hopefully see you early in the new year.

Take care

Lisa xoxo