Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Journal - Day 11

Christmas Journal - Day 20

Christmas Journal - Day 19

Bet it's been years since you wrote a letter to Santa - I know it has for me.

Page 19 is gonna be my long awaited - not that I've wrote it yet ;) - letter. I still have a couple of days to get it wrote and posted.

Christmas Journal - Day 18

Food is huge part of Christmas for everyone.
Buying, preparing and of course eating...... yum!!!!

I have never cooked a Christmas dinner,and I wouldn't know where to start **blush**
My Fella does it every year. I usually make the soup - and yes, it is scrummy ;)- but hubz does everything else. He even makes the triffle, what a star..xx

The journalling on the page tells how Hubz makes the Christmas dinner every year, and on the back of the page is our menu.

Christmas Journal - Day 16

Still playing catch-up with my journal.

I'm grateful for so many things in my life at the moment, I think I'll have to add to the hidden journalling behind the bow.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Journal - Day 15

Do you get visitors on Christmas day, or do you go visiting?

We usually have a lot of visitors through out the day, but this year will be a bit different.

DH's parents will come in the morning and that will be it this year.

BiL is going away somewhere hot for Christmas.

My Mum is now living down south and my Dad will be heading down there on the 23rd to spend Christmas with her and my sister, BiL and Niece, :( - but on the plus side - I will be heading down to Aldershot on the 27th and we will be having Christmas all over again with them all - yay!!!!!! :)

I still have a few pages to do before I've caught up, but will get them done at some point :).

Christmas Journal - Day 14

Page 14 of my Christmas Journal is an overlay, with a pocket to hold the journalling and lots of little tags.

More Christmas Cards

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Journal - Day 13

Steadily getting on with my Christmas journal. A few pages still needing done to get caught up - but Im not in any hurry ;).

When I sat and thought about the music I liked to listen to at this time of year, I could only think of two songs that make me feel Christmassy, Fairytale of New York by the Pogues, and the Song from the Coca-Cola advert (as my fella says - he doesn't accept its Christmas, until he sees the Coca-Cola ad on TV, haha).

You get so fed up hearing the same songs over&over again, but I never tire of these two.

I've used a beer mat again for this page.
Journaling is on the back.

Christmas Journal - Day 8

Hubz & I went to Edinburgh last Saturday, to visit the Christmas Market.
It was lovely getting lost in the sounds and smells that make you think of Christmas.
Roasted chestnuts, hot punch and hubz couldn't resist the apple strudel and cinnamon cream, 3 BIG scoops of it - and yes, he did feel very sick after eating it, lol.

The photo's on this page were a few taken form the wonderful array of stalls in the market.

Christmas Journal - Day 7

I've wrote out so many lists this past week - that I now have a list of the lists I need - lol!!!

From Christmas cards & pressies to food for Christmas dinner. The lists go on.

I used my new Cricuit cartridge - Graphically Speaking - for the sevens on this page, how cool are they.

Christmas Journal - Day 5

We have a cute door hanger and an advent candle to count down the days until Christmas in our house. We were very late with both this year - plus no choccy advent calender either - shock horror.

The candle was ordered online and took a holiday before it finally arrived here - so its not been lit, and the chocs never get ate, so no calender.

This page is made from acetate, with a paper number overlay.
A little photo of my cute Santa & Rudolph door hanger - which is now on my living room door, where it should be.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Cards 08

I've made a few Christmas cards this year (surely thats a good sign :)), but now I think I'll need to make some more. I can't give one without the other sort of thing - yickes

I LOVE Forever Friends and I LOVE these stamps.
Went for a real simple card, and I'm happy enough with the way they've turned out.

The Christmas Journal is coming on fine - I'm a little behind but have a few pages in varying stages of completion, I need to get a couple of hours in my studio to get them finished.